How to untangle the tangled? Hair conditioner Un.Tangled Kevin Murphy

Who hasn’t seen Disney’s “Tangled”? Probably most of you were so jealous of main character’s long and beautiful hair. Would you want to have hair like that? If yes, then you need a cosmetic for easier combing. Try hair conditioner Un.Tangled from Kevin Murphy.

Kevin Murphy is a valued hair stylist and an expert in the matter of hair care. Why wouldn’t you trust him or not test his newest product, leave-in conditioner Un.Tangled? If your hair need some discipline and they keep on tangling during hair wash, then you should immediately use product from Kevin Murphy. You won’t regret it. What are effects provided by the cosmetic? Firstly, hair are protected against hot air of blow dryer. What is more, hair will preserve right level of keratin and water. Secondly, streaks will be smoother and glossy. On top of that, substances contained in Un.Tangled conditioner prevent frizzing and fly-away hair. Thirdly, cosmetic makes combing and stylisation easier.

How to use leave-in conditioner from Kevin Murphy?

It should be applied on just washed, still wet hair. Then comb streaks with hair brush with natural bristle or a wide-tooth comb. Leave product to dry. You will see that once hair are dry, they are also glossy, well taken care off and beautiful. It is much easier to proceed with stylisation and further hair care.

Hair conditioner Un.Tangle from Kevin Murphy does not contain parabens. In its composition are among all vegetable extracts and moisturising substances. Those are the one responsible for right hair condition, protection against free radicals and premature hair loss and grey hair. What is more, they also take care of scalp, nourish hair bulbs and support work of sebaceous glands.

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