Do you already know that Lashcode is the best mascara?

The best mascara is the one that lengthens, thickens and adds volume even to thin eyelashes. It’s really good if it also nourishes the hairs without sticking them together. Its formula should be ultra-black and durable. All in all, a mascara of high-quality should have a precise brush and a good composition that lacks harmful ingredients.

The best mascara is Lashcode

It coats each eyelash with velvety, black formula, additionally surrounding each hair with care and providing nutrients. All thanks to the right composition of ingredients and the silicone brush designed down to the smallest detail.

Why Lashcode is the best mascara?

Lashcode – nurturing through coating

This mascara provides phenomenal volume after applying just one layer. This is because Lashcode not only darkens the hairs but it also lengthens, thickens and curls them. It works great even with the shortest and thinnest lashes on the lower eyelid. This way the eyelash line is visibly thickened hence there is no need to apply false eyelashes.

Natural waxes and pigments

Each eyelash is covered with a light, delicate and black layer of mascara. The advantage of Lashcode is that it is devoid of synthetic ingredients, instead being full of natural waxes (beeswax, rise bran wax) that take care of the condition of eyelashes. Also, the pigment is not harmful either – it is a mineral pigment with mild moisturising and regenerating properties. However, this is not everything!

Nourishing properties

The list of ingredients contains also a set of nutrients that strengthen the caring effect of Lashcode. These include: vitamin E, pro-vitamin B5, Baicalein, soy and wheat germ extracts, and amino acids that strengthen the eyelashes. Thanks to these ingredients, Lashcode supports the hairs at every moment of the day by nourishing, moisturising, regenerating and supporting their natural growth.

Innovative mascara wand

The brush has been designed to perfectly coat and separate individual eyelashes with every stroke. There is no need to apply several layers of Lashcode to achieve a spectacular effect of expressive lashes like never before. The brush with the right size and narrowed tips, flexible and straight significantly takes your make-up to a completely new, professional level.

Maximum durability

The mascara lets you enjoy this stunning effect for up to 24 hours. Lashcode is extremely durable cosmetic. It does not smudge, flake off nor make clumps. The highest quality formula that you can depend on regardless of the time of the day or the type of weather.

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