Nanolash Serum – Be like an American Beauty

American beauty canon includes slim build, long hair, prominent body and sexy look. This ideal appearance is no longer the goal of only Americans, but also other women from around the World. To provide your face with femininity and expressiveness, use make-up tricks and invest only in an advance care.

Today, we will discuss eyelash serums, which are an alternative for eyelash extensions and make-up. The most popular among them is eyelash enhancing serum, Nanolash. Are lashes a part of American canon of beauty?

“Neither too thin nor too fat, in American style”

Beauty canons are not fixed. Today, the most beautiful are considered women with sexy curves, tomorrow their place can take thin and less expressive ladies. Regardless, the icon of beauty will always remain American movie stars, like Marylin Monroe. Femininity is what counts as well as emphasise of the assets, cover of imperfections and above all beautiful face. In particular the last position draws the most attention. You can improve appearance of your face with perfect make-up or plastic surgeries. You can always follow footsteps of American women and take care of expressive eyes, by reaching for eyelash serum, like for example Nanolash.

The tendency in perception of beauty was noticed by, e.g. plastic surgeons. Conducted on this occupational group, by World’s institutes, research clearly indicates, what is the thing we pay the most attention in our appearance.

On average 70-80% of aesthetic medicine cases considers face area. It is understandable. We get chance to make first impression only once, and what draws attention as first is face. We usually see ourselves also from the chest up, in for example a mirror or a shops’ windows. For this reason Americans love so much strong make-up. In fact, they just try to emphasise their assets as much as they can. Following the example of celebrities, we want people to notice our eyes. No wonder that – just like stars – we use all kinds of treatments to enlarge, lift, correct or extend body parts, like in case of eyelashes.

“Nanolash – one step away from perfect eyelashes”

Among hundreds of eyelash growth enhancing cosmetics are these with lower and higher price. The most expensive treatment can cost us even few times more than eyelash extensions. However, of greatest importance is not the price, but the quality. The best effects, complex action and best composition guarantee that Nanolash eyelash serum is recommended by hundreds (if not thousands) of women all over the World.

Nanolash serum is the most popular because:

  • has best quality in keen price,
  • has the most effective and safe formula,
  • provides the results in a matter of weeks,
  • provides long lasting effects on the eyelashes.

Properties of Nanolash serum are based on complex of active substances developed with greatest diligence.

Nanolash serum should be applied on eyelid root line, so that it would be absorbed directly by the lashes bulbs. The formula is responsible for strengthening, nourishment and general improvement of eyelashes condition.

The intense treatment provides first effects after 2-4 weeks. On average after 2-3 months of regular use of Nanolash serum, eyelashes should be denser, longer and curled. One packaging with 3 ml volume provides enough serum for six months treatment, if we use it accordingly to recommendations.

For best effects, Nanolash serum has to be applied on perfectly clean and dry eyelid once a day. Just one stroke with a precise brush at bedtime is enough. Nanolash serum can be used also to strengthen eyebrows and provide them with denser look.

18 Comments “Nanolash Serum – Be like an American Beauty”

  1. Agnes

    It really worked great for me 🙂 right now, I am using the second bottle and there is no need to apply it every single day. I like to use it 2-3 times per week just to maintain the results

  2. IrmaJ

    I probably tried all of the lash serums available on the market and this one is, hands down, the best of all. i love it 🙂

  3. Kate30

    I am using revitalash and I’m very happy with the effects. I’d love to try out nanolash but I don’t wanna risk since I already have a proven cosmetic

    • Emily

      I just replaced revitalash with nanolash because the outcome is the same but the price of nanoalsh a lot lower

      • Crazy_Cat_Lady

        It’s probably an individual matter but in my opinion, nanolash is more gentle for the skin and the effect last longer (at least for me)

  4. Mona

    I’ve ready so many positive reviews about this serum! :))

  5. Caroline

    I stopped wearing lash extensions and the beautician told me about this serum. I am a bit disappointed because I thought my lashes would be thicker but when it comes to the length, the effect is really great

  6. Katy_Jay

    I am very happy with the effect because before, I had thin and pale lashes and now, they look thicker and darker even without mascara

  7. Anette

    I have to try it! This article made me wanna use it 😀

  8. Sylvie

    maybe those serums strengthen lashes but they will never replace lash extensions

  9. Lilianne

    it all depends on the effect you expect. If someone like dramatic and unnatural long lashes, then they won’t be satissfied with the effect of a lash serum

  10. ThePinkPanther

    I just started using this serum a few days ago because I got is as my birthday present. I hope it will be as awesome as you are describing:) cannot wait to see the effects

  11. Rihanna

    after three weeks I noticed the difference! after such a short period of time my lasheds grew inredibly long

  12. Angela

    another expensive and useless cosmetics

  13. Alexa

    I had a big problem with excessive lash loss but this serum helped a lot! so no, I cannot agree that this is a ‘useless’ product

  14. Natalie

    I’d love to try it out but the price is not for me

  15. Amy93

    In my opinion, the price is reasonable considering the cosmetics, there are much more expensive serums that do not work at all

  16. Paula

    Didn’t have the serum yet but I will test it out soon! I’ll be back in while with an update how it worked:))


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