Algae – a valuable cosmetic component

You might not realise that thanks to seaweed you can easily achieve beautiful, young and radiant look. Algae or sea kelp (because these two names are alternately used in the cosmetic industry) contain a lot of vitamins and mineral substances. Let us have a closer look on what properties those water plants have to offer.

Algae exist wherever water appears. You can find them in aquariums, lakes, ponds, seas and oceans. Different colours, sizes and shapes of algae may be distinguished. In order to grow, they only need sunlight, carbon dioxide, water and mineral salts, which are used in photosynthesis. In cosmetology, over 40 different types of sea kelp is already used. All of them are carefully selected according to the components, which include vitamins (A, E, C, PP), minerals (iodine, potassium, iron, magnesium ), lipids, hyaluronic acid, fats, proteins and carbohydrates. Additionally, algae are also valuable because of its sebaceous glands processes and reducing excess sebum features. They are highly recommended for people with oily and combination skin. In order to achieve beautiful skin, you must include sea kelp in your daily routine.

The most popular algae in aesthetic medicine are spirulina and chlorella. Due to the content of special ingredients, they help fighting with ageing of the skin, reduce wrinkles, brighten hyperpigmentation, improve skin firmness and accelerate collagen production. Thanks to its antibacterial, regenerative and cleansing features, sea kelp are commonly used in the care of problematic complexion such as acne prone skin or dilated capillaries. Another popular seaweed, used in cosmetology is fucus. It shows mainly absorbent and gelling properties hence, it is perfect for moisturising deep layers of the skin. It is also used as an ingredient to thicken cosmetics consistency. Additionally, sea kelp is famous for its slimming, reducing cellulite, brightening blemishes and healing scars and stretch marks properties. Moreover, algae can also help regenerate damaged hair, hydrate and make them sleek and glossy.

Treatments with the use of algae (no matter whether it is a cosmetics or powdered plant) are recommended for those who suffer from various skin problems. How does the seaweed work? It reduces acne, minimises wrinkles, helps to burn excess weight and improves the condition of our hair. Unfortunately, not everyone can enjoy treatments based on the seaweed extracts. This applies to allergy sufferers, people with diabetes and struggling with hypertension.

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