Black is the new white. Black whitening toothpaste.

First, they were appreciated by the Hollywood. Up to now, they were bought for a big money and served to film stars and effectively whiten their teeth. Today, they are available in every prestigious dragstore and online shop. They shock us with their colour and stun with their effects. Here is short review of the most commonly known and available on the market, black toothpastes.

1. Toothpaste Beverly Hills Formula.

Its black colour is a merit of active charcoal in the composition. It absorbs unpleasant odours and at the same time perfectly removes discolouration that appeared on the surface of nail plate. Xylitol and Triclosan are ingredients with additional action preventing dental tartar formation. This toothpaste contains also traditional and unquestionably best ingredients helping your teeth and preventing cavity, i.e. calcium and fluorine. It foams great and effect of whitening can be observed already after few days.

2. Toothpaste Curapox Black is White.

This toothpaste also has active charcoal as a main ingredient for elimination of discolourations. It is safe, because in a gentle way, without damage to enamel or invasive chemical ingredients, can effectively whiten the teeth.

Curapox Black is White consists also of Hydroxylapatite. It is a lumber of bones and teeth, kind of a guardian taking care of their durability. The toothpaste is enriched with additional sodium fluoride. What is more, it has very pleasing taste of lime.

3. Toothpaste Splat Blackwood.

It polishes and whitens teeth thanks to particles of Karelian birch charcoal. Additional natural ingredient is Juniper berries extract that ensures protection against bacteria and plaque formation in the oral cavity and provides fresh breath. In this version of a toothpaste, dental tartar formation is prevented by non-toxic and antiseptic agent Biosol (for that reason toothpaste additionally restores normal saliva pH). This toothpaste is fluoride-free and has very high anti-inflammatory properties.

Three described above toothpastes are the most commonly available on the market and have cunning black colour thanks to active charcoal, which in natural yet delicate and very effective way to whiten the teeth and deal with tartar formation by inhibiting its growth. All of them guarantee an amazing effect, so the choice here is purely subjective – depends on, e.g., the taste of the toothpaste and how much you want to pay for it. One is certain: little black is no longer reserved for your wardrobe.

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