Brushes and combs. How many of them do we really need?

Hair brush is an irreplaceable gadget that every woma has. You’ll find it in a vanity case, in the bathroom, on the nightstand. But do you know any other types of brushes and combs? If not, this article is especially for you.

Nail brush

It’s small and inconspicuous but very useful – a nail brush. It easily removes dirt under the nail plate and exfoliates the cuticles. While brushing your fringers, be careful not to scratch or damage the nails – the manicure wouldn’t look so beautiful. If you want to have neat and clean nails, use the brush every evening, especially after the gardening. Remember that long nails need special care, let alone cleansing artificial nails. Taking care of hygiene will let you enjoy beautiful hands and manicure but also avoid lots of diseases and irritations. Don’t forget to clean the brush regularly. After every use put it on the radiator to dry off. Disinfect it once a week.

Boar Bristle Brush

Boar bristle brushes are best for combing out the hair. Why? They are made of natural materials, don’t cause allergies, take care of our hair and scalp much better than their plastic equivalents. They don’t tangle or pull hair, reduce frizz and most importantly – give volume. Another asset of boar bristle brushes is thay they’re extremely easy to clean. It’s enough to dust them off in order to get rid of dust, dandruff and other small impurities which settled in the bristle. Remember that you mustn’t wash the brush with water. It will be far better if you disinfect the bristle and let it cool off in a warm place.

Body Brush

Brushing dry skin is a popular method of body care. The final effect of such treatment depends on the brush you use. The most suitable one should have a soft bristle which doesn’t cause irritation or epidermis damage. What effects will brushing dry skin bring? The treatment can really work wonders. Body skin will get better blood supply, will be smooth whereas dead skin cells will be exfoliated. Such treatment will prepare our skin for the application of cosmetics containg nutritional ingredients.

Face Brush

This gadget will come in useful to girls who are crazy about cleansing the face skin. We can find sonic, electrical and manual brushes on the Internet and at drug stores. If you want even better result, use your favourite cream or toner during the treatment. It will let the brush slide over the face and provide the skin with more effective cleansing. Don’t forget to replace the brush heads.

Eyelash Comb

Beauticians and make-up artists use this gadget very often. It comes extremey useful when our lashes get black clumps or got sticky while putting make-up on. The combs are made of plastic, have short and dense teeth. We can use them to style eyebrows, get rid of excees of eyebrow pencil or shadow and even remove too thick layer of mascara.

Brush for brush

Remember that you must clean all the brushes thoroughly. And here you will need … a brush. It might be a metal scratcher resembling rake, a comb with dense teeth or a brush with dense bristle. Thanks to such gadgets, you will get rid of hair, dust and dirt which settle e.g. on a hair brush.

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