Effective slimming diet – the 80/20 rule. Is it working?

Everlasting problem of all women – sweet cake with cream or sexy and fit body? All diets are based on what you must or mustn’t do and eat. That does not encourage us to lose the weight and introduce balanced nutrition. Although, it may seem impossible, the 80/20 rule, combines business with pleasure! How’s this possible?

The 80/20 rule became popular after the statement of American actress, Olivia Munn who played in the “X-Men: Apocalypse“. In her interview for Women’s Health, she talked about how she managed to combine healthy diet with the cheats. Thanks to introducing the new rule to her everyday routine, she was able to lose 5 kg/13.4 Ibs in a matter of short period of time and with no self-sacrificing.

The same diet, accordant with the 80/20 rule, is used by Miranda Kerr, who admitted that this method allows her to preserve her weight on the same level. The intriguing 80/20 rule is recommended also by a well-known American personal trainer, Jillian Michaels.

What is the phenomenon of the 80/20 rule? The diet that took over the United States sounds mysterious, but its rules are really simple and you do not have to stick to any restrictive rules to achieve your goal. The menu created accordingly to 80/20 rule assumes that 80% of everyday food are low calorie and unprocessed products, and the 20% can involve anything you want.

It means that three quarters of food during the day should be created accordingly to the rules of the given diet – lots of vegetables, minimum of animal fat, lean meat, healthy dairy products, lots of fish, fresh fruits, juice and of course a lot of water. However, one quarter of the everyday menu is full discretion. In those 20% you can east sweet meringue with cream, half of the pack of crisps, bar of chocolate, ice-cream or fried snacks.

The 80/20 diet rule is the best solution for the people with not so strong will. Sticking to the rules of restrictive diets is simply not possible, when you are unable to say ‘no’ to the tasty snack. When you break the rule, you usually quite the diet entirely to not experience the same failure again. The American 80/20 diet rule allows everyday cheats, as long as the “illegitimate” products are 20% of your everyday demand for food.

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