Eye make-up only with Chanel Eyes Collection 2016

Chanel has released new set of eye make-up cosmetics. In Eyes Collection 2016 are available eyebrows shades Brow Powder Duo, mascara Dimension de Chanel and stick eye shadows Stylo Eyeshadow. How can you enhance your look and provide yourself with a charming appearance?

Chanel Brow Powder Duo Palette comes handy especially to those girls who carefully follow newest make-up trends. This season is all about eye brows. And so, Chanel Brow Powder Duo Palette was equipped with tweezers, angled brush applicator and and eyebrows brush. Tweezers are expected to help with ensuring brows with the most satisfying shape. Applicator is dedicated for application of shades on brows and a brush is for stylisation of wild hair. In this compact packaging is also a mirror for simplified use outside the house.

The choice is between two colouristic variants of the cosmetic: Burn (black and brown shades) and Naturel (black and light brown shades). Eyebrows shades Brow Powder Duo from Chanel are highly pigmented, so they provide intense and long lasting colour. Shade of the product matches natural colour of eyebrows. What is more, by application in certain way, you can achieve 3D effect and beautify your face.

And how should you apply Brow Powder Duo from Chanel?

With tweezers remove excess hair and regulate brow ridge. The way you do that will influence the final make-up effect. Then treat eyebrows with a brush to make hair face the same direction; non of them should stick out of eyebrows contour. With the applicator make short lines that will imitate brows. Use both shades of the cosmetics for more natural effect.

Perfect complementation of eye make-up is mascara Dimension de Chanel. Cosmetic is able to emphasise look and put stress on the iris. Ingredients with moisturising properties take care of eyelashes as well as skin of eyelids. Cosmetic was ophthalmologists tested. Therefore, it is safe for eyes, does not cause irritations or allergic reactions. Mascara Dimension de Chanel can be used by people wearing contact lenses. You can choose out of three colouristic versions: black, brown and dark blue. Wand has short and tight bristle, so eyelashes are well covered with cosmetic, longer and thicker.

In Eyes Collection 2016 from Chanel are also stick eye shadows Stylo Eyeshadow. The stick matches shape of eyelid, so that make-up could be performed a lot faster. Sadly, its size does not allow lines on the lashes line. You can choose out of few colours, among many: champagne gold, grey and shade of blue. Eye shadows have creamy consistency and are easy to administer on eyelid, do not fall off and are really resistant. Thanks to them your make-up will certainly look stunning.

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