How and where shoud we store cosmetics to use them as long as possible?

Cosmetics… Supposedly they eliminate acne, smooth wrinkles and lighten discolouration but they are extremely sensitive to light, moisture and low or high temperatures. Are you sure you know how and where to store your beauty products to keep them in best condition as long as possible?

Proper storage of cosmetics isn’t so easy. Did you know that your creams, masks and foundation don’t like extreme temperatures, light and moisture? They also dislike dirty fingers or unclean applicators. If you want your care and coloured products to have longest shelf life, store them in a proper place and within a specified period of time. If you found cosmetic which had expired long time ago, throw them away immediately. They won’t help but can even harm you instead. You will recognize such products by watery consistency, bad smell and improper action.

Most of us keep cosmetics in the bathroom because: it’s comfortable, you can use them right after bath, not each of us has a room for a dressig table in the bedroom. If you do the same, you make a huge mistake. Why? There’s moist air, high temperature and lots of bacteria in the bathroom. Such conditions make cosmetics lose their properties much faster. Sadly, preservatives are not able to give them 100% protection from micro-organisms which we transfer to our skin. That is why, in the bathroom we should store products that we use up very quickly: toothpaste, make-up removers, shower gel, body lotion.

Similarly to food or medicine, cosmetics also have an expiry date. Usually, it is 30 months from the production day. Cosmetics with shorter shelf life are adequately labelled by PAO sign (Period After Opening) and number indicating months and letter M (6 M, 12 M, 24 M). Rememeber also that natural cosmetics have a very short expiry date; it’s usually 3 months. There is also production date and series number on packages. If a dark residue appeared on the surface of a cream, you no more can smell flowery aromas in your perfume – it means that the cosmetic has expired. Don’t hesitate any longer and throw it away. It’s a great excuse to go shopping – something women like most.

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