How to choose the best oil for herbal maceration?

Surely, you didn’t know how important it is to pick a proper oil for herbal maceration. Don’t listen to those who say that it’s a very hard task. Believe me, all you have to do is answer a few easy questions to prepare this curing mixture.

We will begin with something else, though. Do you know what a herbal maceration really is? It’s simply oily herb extraction or herbal oil. Such product contains lots of minerals, vitamins and fatty acids. The basic oil of the maceration is not the only ingredient which takes care of out hair and skin – herbs also play an important role. We pick the plants considering the needs of our hair, nails or face skin. Interestingly, herbal maceration is used with afflictions, colds or internal diseases.

Which oil will be best for our herbal maceration? The choice of suitable oil guarantees superb results. That’s why, firstly think : What do you want to use the herbal mixture for? You will use different oils for massage, making a cream, enhancing ingredients of an ointment or tainting a soap. If you haven’t decided what cosmetic you want to make, choose one of the universal oils e.g. almond, plum seed or macadamia oil. Do you want to make an oil that would serve a special purpose? If so, picking an oil is essential. Use the one that will condition overdried skin, reduce face inflammation or regulate the work of sebaceous glands and prevent the skin from shining.

Also, consider the time of storage. Refined or saturated fat oils will be most durable. Don’t use oils which contain unsaturated fatty acids as they expire after less than three months. Less stable oils should be added at the last stage of making the product. Stable oils work well. Among them are: animal fats, coconut oil, shea butter, rice oil and jojoba oil.

The technique of making the herbal maceration is also important. Choose one of the stable oils if you decide on a traditional method. Prepare a mixture of herbs and pour it with the chosen stable oil. Leave it in a sunny place so that all the ingredients can combine. Less stable oils work well during cooking for a long time in a slow cooker. Store herbal macerations in cool and dark place.

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