How to oil children’s hair?

Nowadays, you can hear a lot about oiling the hair. The internet is full of information connected with this topic. How to do it? What kind of oil should I use? What are the results of such treatment? Have you ever heard about oiling children’s hair? If not, you might want to read the article and change the way you take care of your child’s hair.

Young children’s hair is very delicate with a tendency to break easily. Unfortunately, the care only concentrates on washing it with an especially designed shampoo and brushing with a comb or a natural bristle brush. Sometimes, parents do not even cut their children’s hair but only trim the bangs. Surely, they do not use any conditioners or masks. However, rubbing hair oils into children’s hair is not a bad idea. When it reaches the appropriate length for example to the shoulders, it is the best moment to start the treatment. Thanks to applying the oil, you will protect the ends from splitting.

How to apply oil to children’s hair?

Oiling children’s hair is quite different than adults hair. The amount of product used for toddlers cannot be as big as for grown-ups. What is more, you should not be using any shampoos with SLS like adults do. Only a small drop of the oil, firstly rubbed in your palms and then applied to the ends, will make wonders. This small portion will protect and add shine and moisture to the hair while the scalp will not produce too much sebum and the child’s hair will not be too greasy. Moreover, oiling hair can make it grow faster and, what is most important when it comes to children, the process of brushing the hair with a brush or comb will not be so painful ever again.

When it comes to children’s haircare, the key role pay the ingredients. The oil used on children should be natural without any artificial substances that can cause allergies. Before the first treatment you can run an allergy test. The best oil to recommend for children is the one made of plum seeds. All this will not only add shine, protect and make the brushing easier but will also make them healthier and stronger. Different hairstyles on short healthy hair will look much more beautiful.

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