It will be the hit of this summer! In-shower tanning lotion

Many women dream about chocoloate or olive colour of the skin. Surely, you would like to have it as well. Luckily, you don’t need to wait for first sunrays. Why? Use in-shower tanning body lotion – true hit of this summer.

Self-tanners, bronzers, skin darkening creams, self-tanning towelettes and many other products. Now you can replace them all with one universal cosmetic – in-shower tanning  lotion. What effects will you get? Firstly, it cleanses the skin. It works exactly the same as a regular cleansing product. It moisturizes and smoothens the skin quite well. Secondly, it offers properties similar to a self-tanner. It provides even tanning. It leaves no streaks or spots and the application is really easy. It delivers a gradual effect of sun glow on your skin. But the best thing about the product is that by taking a shower you get rid of a smell (specific to self-tanners).

How to use the in-shower tanning lotion. Apply the cosmetic to clean and wet skin, rinse after a moment. Dry the skin with a towel and get dressed. The cosmetic will start to work after a few hours. It is recommended to apply the balm in consecutive days and not to skip a day between applications for best effects. The best results wll be seen after 4 or 5 applications. Do you know most popular bronzing balms? Among others we can list the following: Lancaster, St. Tropez and Lirene. What if the application ended up in failure? It won’t be easy to get rid of dark streaks and spots – they will disappear after a few showers. In order to avoid similar surprises in the future, do an exfoliating scrub before the application of the tanning lotion. Abrasives will remove dead skin cells, smoothen the skin and make the application of the cosmetic extremely easy.

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