Just a little bit of the Sun on the skin even before the holiday!

You have your leave planned on the autumn and spend long summer days in the office? This is a situation well known to more people than you know. However, it does not mean that without the vacation in warm countries you cannot enjoy beautiful tan. How to make your co-workers wonder where have you been resting, despite not taking any days off?

There is at least few ways that can provide your skin with healthy and rested appearance. Natural tan obtained in the alternative way will make you feel better in those long, hot summer days.

Gentle peeling

Well-rested skin is the one skimmed by the Sun and smoothed by the sand. If you have no possibility of relaxation on the beach, you can always try some light peeling at home or beauty parlour.

Highlighting serum

Skin after the leave is flexible and radiant. You can make your skin more glowing with use of right serum with large amount of antioxidants, in particular vitamin C. This ingredient in a discreet way will highlight skin and improve its complexion. At the same time skin will be protected against harmful factors. It is better to go for natural highlight and avoid excess amounts of this cosmetic.

Good quality self-tanner

The most characteristic sign of the vacation is tan, obviously. Natural, not to strong, but visible. Tan can be faked with use of good quality self-tanner, which is easy in application, does not leave smudges and provides tan in natural colour.

Matte bronzer / darker foundation

Summer Sun is particularly well visible on the face, that is why so important is make-up faking tan. Effect of vacation relaxation has to be visible on the face. Matte bronzer will ensure delicate skim in the areas that in fact catch the Sun pretty quick. Buy foundation in warmer shade and apply it mainly on the central parts of the face to provide the tan with effect of depth.

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