Nanoil. Anti-Ageing Hair Oil

What happens when your hair turns 40? Similarly to the skin, the condition of hair also undergoes fast and unfavourable changes with the passage of time. There are disulfide bonds inside our hair that are responsible for hair bounce and strength. These bonds break when we get older. Consequently, our hair is more prone to damage. Even combing poses a threat to the condition of the hair, let alone other, more invasive treatments.

Mature hair produces much less keratin so the external layer also gets weaker. The strands are more prone to damage: vulnerable, poor resistance.

Improper hair care after turning 40 prevents disulfide bonds from building tight hair structure. Hair bulbs are no longer strongly rooted in hair follicles. Weak bulbs contribute to excessive hair loss and even stopped hair growth.

We must also remember that less melanin is produced with age. As a result, hair greys so… we have our hair coloured more and more often, destroying it with ammonia included in hair dyes. It’s a vicious circle.

Stop the clock with Nanoil hair oil

The creators of Nanoil were studying human hair structure and analysing the processes inside and outside of hair for years. It allowed them to create a perfect hair product. Innovative and surprising as well as fully safe for the hair (free from parabens and damaging alcohols).

Nanoil hair oil has been created with precision: its composition cooperates with the structure and condition of three hair types. Nanoil delivers full repair that is aimed at real needs of hair, scalp and hair bulbs.

All you need to do is identify the condition of your hair, in other words, hair porosity. Then, choose one of the three versions of Nanoil and give it more or less 4 weeks to fully repair the hair and stop hair ageing processes.

There are detailed descriptions of three porosity types on the Nanoil website. Each comes with a high-quality photo. Choosing a suitable Nanoil version will be trouble-free for every woman.

Nanoil hair oil – what does it contain?

The power of Nanoil hair oil is based on natural substances – valued for the repairing and rejuvenating properties for ages. These are natural oils extracted through cold-pressing from the seeds, stones and flesh of plants and their fruit. Oils are the priceless source of vitamins, micronutrients, phytosterols and flavonoids. What is more, they contain valuable fatty acids that make sure cells function in a proper way. Oils have a magic power: slow down the passing time that deals with your hair ruthlessly.

The oils are enhanced by two innovative ingredients that speed up hair growth and reinforce hair bulbs. Thanks to kerastim and baicapil, the strands are strongly rooted in follicles, stop falling out, grow thick, strong and bouncy. They stimulate even non-activated hair bulbs so you can enjoy the growth of new, young hair (baby hair). Hair gains volume and spectacular appearance.

Nanoil hair oil offers even more. The list of ingredients is enriched by extra substances. Our hair would be thin and limp without them. Lanoline, silk, keratin, panthenol and UV filter guard the beautiful, elastic hair that amaze with shine and softness.

What effects does Nanoil hair oil bring

What effects does Nanoil hair oil bring?

  • immediately improves the appearance of hair, intensifies its shine, conditions
  • repairs damage on hair structure
  • penetrates the hair, regenerates, rebuilds the inner structure
  • takes care of the scalp, restores proper hydration, controls sebum secretion
  • fights brittleness, dullness
  • slows down greying
  • prevents hair loss
  • protects from damage
  • shields hair from the sunlight, toxins, heat produced by blow-dryers, curling and flat irons

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