Natural DIY Make-up? Meet trusted ways for beautiful appearance

You do not have to use expensive and labelled cosmetics to look beautiful. Furthermore, you do not need to follow all the contouring techniques. All you need to do is to learn few simple rules that will help you create truly natural make-up. What are we taking about?

Rule number one: well-taken care of skin

In natural make-up extremely important is well-taken care of and moisturised skin. Only this way skin will be beautiful and final effect of make-up truly stunning. Use make-up base with moisturising and highlighting properties. Of course, you can always apply cream with similar action. This type of cosmetics will hide widen pores, smoother minor wrinkles and make skin look fresh and radiant. Instead of base or cream use pharmaceutical product to not only beautify your face, but also make imperfections of skin less visible, and with time make them disappear entirely.

Rule number two: foundation, concealer and powder

Many women keep on making the same serious mistake: they use too light or too dark shade of foundation. Equally important is application of cosmetic. Use for it a foundation brush, a sponge or your fingers. Pay attention to whether smudges or so called “mask effect” appear on your face, because you do not want that. If you observe any blemishes or discolourations, use some concealer. Match its shade with skin complexion and the shade of foundation. Remember about the powder. If you have oily or combination skin, use matte or transparent powder. For skin deprived of glow, dull and fatigued, use highlighting powder.

Rule number three: blusher, eye shadows and lipstick

Naturalness and freshness of skin can be provided by the blusher. Apply it along the cheek bones in a minimal amount. Just skim the cheek to underline natural glow. On eyelids apply eye shadows in nude or light pink colour. Use some mascara on your eyelashes and the edges stress with some dark brown or black eyeliner. Lips cover with lipstick in shade of light pink or with colourless lip gloss.

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