Spray your hair with beauty. Innovative Garnier Fructis Oil Spray

We can buy a spray shampoo (so called “dry shampoo”), spray-on tights, coloured hair spray… dear Ladies (and Gentlemen) what do you make of an oil in the form of aerosol? Our review is going to allay the mysterious facts about Fructis oil spray.

Garnier has added some innovative cosmetic to its Fructis hair line. It’s a spray for hair oiling in a atomizer, resembling a hair spray. The company, making such an unusual oil spray, assured that aerosol will allow for more gentle spraying of a cosmetic. And at the same time it will provide the spray with some extraordinary properties: it’s dry so it will never weigh your hair down. It’s really delicate so will penetrate deep into the hair easily. And here the magic begins: oils included in the spray (mango, apricot and almond oils) feel inside the hair at home. They move in, do the cleaning by nourishing, moisturizing and even restoring the hair. Also, they  make sure that all the processes inside the hair cells go smoothly and without any dangerous disturbence from the outside (dry or frosty air, pollution, burning sun, damaging treatments).

Thanks to Garnier Fructis oil spray hair becomes soft and bouncy. It’s easy to set  and gets healthy shine. Instantly. Also, nourished inside and protected outside, hair looks much better. The spray is very efficient – it’s enough to spray it gently once.

  • light formula, no weighing hair down;
  • starts to work instantly;
  • extremely innovative and comfortable use;
  • dry, doesn’t leave hair sticky or greasy;
  • as many as three precious oils included;
  • smoothens, moisturizes and lightens hair.


  • blogers sometimes complain about intensive “artificially fruit” scent of the product, even compared to bathroom freshener;
  • alcohol as an ingredient (it’s on the high second position).

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