Why are face and hair oils so effective?

Well-known, well-liked and appreciated. They are used for hair, nail and skin care. The oils have healing and beautifying properties. They are extracted from the plants cultivated on ecological plantations. Check why cosmetic oils are so effective.

Cosmetic oils have always been valued for their amazing properties. They contain natural sunscreen, prevent hair and scalp from drying off, condition body and face, take care of nails. They are extracted through cold pressing with the use of machines. Fruits, seeds, stones and shoots are pressed without the use of any chemicals or high temperature. Thanks to such treatment, we can be sure that the extracted cosmetic oil is fully natural and durable as well as contains many conditioning and nutritional ingredients. Such product is defined as unrefined. It is not purified therefore it’s cloudy, contains sediment and its consistency is viscid. Oils, deprived of fats, vitamins and micronutrients, have been refined. Such a product is resistant to high temperature and is clear but doesn’t have properties similar to its natural equivalent.

Cosmetic oils offer really superb performance. They have moisturizing properties, rejuvenate and nourish the skin, improve blood supply and stimulate production of collagen. They are recommened for all hair and skin types. It’s a good idea to do a massage during the application of the oil. Not only will it speed up the absorption of nutritional ingredients but also bring relief and relaxation to tired skin. Before you start the treatment, define type and needs of your skin so that you can choose a proper oil.

We can list three types of oils in cosmetology: dry, semi-drying and non-drying oils. Dry oils, also called drying oils, are quickly absorbed by the skin. After the application to skin, semi-drying oils leave a thin layer which has moisturizing and protective properties. On the other hand, non-drying oils don’t get absorbed quickly and leave a sticky layer on the skin. The rate of absorption depends on the content of polyunsaturated fatty acids. That is why, dry oils are recommended for oily, acne and combination skin care. Semi-drying oils are great for the regeneration of dry body and face skin. Non-drying oils will moisturize mature skin.

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