Do you know this hair elixir? Toni&Guy Radiating Tropical Elixir Oil

Toni&Guy is famous for cosmetics designed for hair care. This time it has presented all hair freaks with an illuminating Radiating Tropical Elixir. Check the action and ingredients of the product.

Superb performance of Toni&Guy Radiating Tropical Elixir comes from its natural ingredients, namely from four oils: sunflower seed, sweet almond, coconut and marula oils. They all take care of the proper condition of hair and scalp as well as nourish and condition damaged strands. If you want satisfying effects, you must use the product regularly. Only then will you notice a difference in the look of your hair. After only two months of treatment with Toni&Guy Radiating Tropical Elixir your hair will become smooth, shiny and soft. The oil nullifies frizzy hair, restores damaged ends, protects from the harmful factors of the external environment as well as provides protection from the effects of hot airflow produced by styling tools. The cosmetic also helps to brush out and style the hair.

How to use Toni&Guy Radiating Tropical Elixir Oil?

A small amount of the product is enough for hair conditioning. You apply it to wet hair from the half of its length and rub it thoroughly, giving hair ends special attention. You can blow-dry the hair or let it dry off naturally. Right after the application, comb out the hair thoroughly to spread the oil evenly. Don’t apply the cosmetic directly to the scalp as it might cause intensified work of sebaceous glands and even trigger irritation.

Toni&Guy Radiating Tropical ElixirOil is very efficient. It is available in 50ml bottle. Such amount allows for a six-month treatment. Your hair will surely be greateful for such care!

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