How to take care of hair in summer? Useful tips

Frizzing, overdrying, oily hair, dandruff and colour fading. These are the most common problems that all hair freaks come across in summer. If you’re one of them, you shoud try these tips.

How to tackle frizzy hair?

Sadly, frizzy hair is a problem which escalates especially in summer. Straightening hair won’t be the best solution to tame unruly strands. Emollient and non-rinse conditioners, silicon serum, styling with a round brush will work much better. The cosmetics will take care of both internal and external structure of the strands. They will smoothen hair surface, prevent frizzing, discipline individual strands. Thanks to such conditioning, the hair will become soft, shiny and easy to style. What’s more, styling with a round brush will bring similar effect. Remember to protect the strands from hot airflow of the drier.

How to take care of overdried hair?

Curly, dyed and bleached hair is exposed to overdrying the most. Sunrays, hot air and high temperature damage the structure of our strands even more. Using silicon serum can bring some improvement. It protects hair from UV radiation, salty water and overdrying. The product makes a protective layer on the hair surface. Moreover, the serum will provide moisturizing, nourishing and shine. Therapy with the use of linseed will bring similar effects. You heat the seeds up for some time and apply the mixture to your hair. After around 20 minutes, wash the boilt linseed away.

What to do with oily hair and dandruff?

If you want healthy and beutiful hair, you must restore proper pH to the scalp. Get rid of strong purifying shampoos. Instead, invest in delicate SLS-free products. Therapy which consists in using nettle, camomile or black radish juice as a liquid conditioner (for the scalp only), will also give good effects. Products sold at drug stores or chemists as well as home-made ones have the same properties. The point is to: fight bacteria and fungi responsible for dandruff, regulate the work of sebaceous glands and purify the scalp from grease, dirt and dead skin cells.

Strands lightened with the sun and fading colour of dyed hair

The sun has a destructive influence on the hair colur as well. And it doesn’t matter if the strands have been dyed or not. In order to protect natural and artificial hair colour, you can use oils, heat protectant serums or special hair dye which make the new colour of the strands last longer. Besides that, a broad-brimmed hat or fancy bandana will protect our hair.

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