You’ll go far with us – how to take care of feet in summer?

All year round neglected, packed into heavy footwear, thick and warm socks, ommited in everyday care routine – our feet are roughly treated. They revive in summer. Check what should be done to bring your feet back to life and make them look beautiful in sandals.

Acid for feet?!

At home you can do the treatment that so far has been offered only by beauty salons. It is innovative and consists in applying cosmetic acids directly to feet. The acids will rid of calloused, overdried epidermis after winter. Your skin will become elastic and soft again. You can find lots of acid treatments in really affordable prices. The treatment is about soaking a mask (which looks like a sock) in the acid and putting it on feet.

Before you use a foot cream…

… it’s worth to do an exfoliating srub. Exfoliating the foot skin combined with a massage will help you keep it in good condition thorughout the summer. Scrubs containing natural ingredients are a great choice. The ones with beautiful fruit and fresh fragrance will definiately steal your heart.

It’s time for a cream? Or maybe two?

You’ll be surprised with the number of foot lotions available. They range from every day care moisturizng creams to numerous specialized ones. If you have problems with cracked heels, pick a good lotion which has been designed for this kind of problem. It’s best to apply it for the night. If you struggle with sweating feet or for some reasons have to spend a lot of time wearing covered shoes in summer, choose antiperspirant foot lotion. It will leave your feet fresh and provide you with the long-lasting feeling of comfort. If you feel that your feet have gone through a lot, pick a repairing cream offering rejuvenating properties. Massage it into feet, preferably in the evening before sleep. Your feet will be grateful.

Feet love to smell nice

Perfume for feet hasn’t been invented yet but there are antiperspirant deodorants which will pamper our feet and provide them with beautiful and fresh fragrance. It’s worth to have such a product during the day and use it whenever needed. Apart from freshening deodorants there are also those for tired feet (great for hiking and long walks) as well as so called sweat blockers which stop excessive sweating.

Deodorants for shoes, containing ingredients which neutralize as well as prevent bad smell, are great as well as antifungal deodorants.

Additional asset of all deodorants is easy and comfortable application. You use it when you need to – in every situation.

Prepare a bath exclusively for your feet!

They let you walk all day long. Thanks to them, you reach every destination and every peak. Treat them to a bit of luxury and drown your feet in a bath with beautifully smelling oils (e.g. lavender one provides feet with relaxation whereas orange one energizes). What’s more, there are bath salts for feet bath available at drug stores. They have beautiful fragrance and contain conditioning and mineral ingredients which provide feet with relaxation.

The above mentioned treatments will help your feet enjoy beautiful and neat look whereas you will feel calm and comfortable. Remember that feet – similarly to hands – are like a business card for every woman. Provide them with decent care and summer pedicure – they will get you really far in return.

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