Magic World of ILUA – anti-aging face serum.

ILUA is a quite new cosmetic company but has already aroused a lot of interest in the media and on the Internet. It’s different than any other brands. ILUA products are fully ecological, natural and free from any silicones, parabens and other damaging and artificial additives. But this isn’t what determines the uniqueness of ILUA.

Creators of the brand tried to surround the products with magic and splendour. They compare themselves to Egyptian alchemists who make exceptional mixtures and close the energy of unique and rare plants in small dark bottles. Every jar and bottle is filled in and manually labelled with the name of a person for whom it’s been created. It actually has unusual charm and magic of primeval manufactory. Is it the same about the cosmetics? What effects can we expect from the products which contain ingredients that have been meticulously chosen and checked for cleanness and spotlessness?

Special attention should be given to a cosmetic which „takes back time” – face serum closed in a small black bottle designed especially for mature skin. The company assures that the product is nearly magical and calls its ingredients „baroque mirage”.

What’s hidden in the black bottle?

Lots of special, scrupulously chosen conditioning oils including the ones extracted from Indian fig opuntia, Patagonian rose, buriti oil, baobab oil and Hawaiian candlenut tree.

The collection of such oils guarantees the skin natural botox, getting rid of wrinkles and regeneration. Buriti oil provides the skin with unsaturated fatty acids. It improves elasticity and strengthens fibres. Candlenut is a real ally of sensitive skin. It protects and restores any irritations. The oil extracted from baobab fights wrinkles quickly and makes the skin more elastic. The serum will also deal with discolouration which may appear with the passage of time. Rose oil also fulfils an important task: it helps in the creation of new skin cells. It contributes to an intensive regeneration of the epidermis.

Obviously, the magic serum is not merely a product which has good advertising and is labelled with an oneiric description promising hocus-pocus on our skin. It offers superbly chosen and composed, very unique and prestigious ingredients which in other products are replaced with clogging chemicals, silicones and parabens. ILUA promises that the serum will make time stop… and we are prone to agree with that.

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