Treatments you have to remember about every summer day

Summer is blooming. Your skin requires special treatment during the day and the night, as well as at work and on holiday. You have to protect it from the sun, hot air and the effects of sea salt. Make sure you know what kind of cosmetics should be used to enjoy a beautiful and healthy skin throughout the summer.

During sunny days it is extremely important to use especially designed cosmetics that contain sunscreen. Those will protect our skin against harmful UV radiation and prevent it from the appearance of first wrinkles, pigmentation and other imperfections. How to use those products? In order to apply them evenly enclosed in the leaflet provided with the product. Firstly, rub the cream in you palms and then apply to your freshly prepared skin. Thanks to that, you will be able to avoid white smudges, dry patches and other stains that may occur during application. Did you know that the outcome of your make-up depends on how you apply your SPF cream?

After every bath or shower it is advised to use a hydrating lotion or a cosmetic butter. This will have tremendous effects on your skin exposed to the sunlight. You will provide your body with soothing effect and tame any irritations. What is more, you can easily use a cleaning oil which will coat your skin and regenerate it while taking a bath. Remember that many of that kind of products contain a number of natural ingredients to nourish your skin deeply and sooth after a long sunny day.

It is worth mentioning that a good hydration to your skin should start from the inside. Remember to drink at least 1 litre of water each day. To quench your thirst, it is a good idea to drink lots of still mineral water or water with lemon juice and a some mint. Try to avoid or even completely cut down on sweet fizzy drinks. Not only they contain empty calories but are also very harmful to our body and do not help to forget about the thirst.

What about epilation during heatwave? Shaving your legs may cause skin irritations and excessive drying of the skin, especially when removing unwanted hair after a whole day spent in the sunlight. Sharp razors or tweezers can deeply harm your skin and additionally lead to redness and soreness. This is why every hair removal process should be done in the evening. Thanks to this your skin has the time to regenerate at night  and all the imperfections will disappear. What is more, after every epilation it is necessary to use lotions which are deeply hydrating and soothing.

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